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    Just saw this on engadget, and think this would be ideal for us Pre users...

    NOVOTHINK a solar powered charger/case that charges via usb as well just in case it's a cloudy day.
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    Pretty cool... but how would you use it and charge it at the same time? Wouldn't it be a pain to use it and charge it at the same time since the back has to face the sun?
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    you use the phone while it is in the case so the solar panel is facing outward. They also sell a holster for it on their site.
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    Wow that thing like tripples the thickness of the iphone. I wouldn't buy it when there are other ways to recharge via solar power. I posted a thread about the amzer solar charging thing. It is 3500mAh and can charge anything that can charge by USB between 3.5V and 5.5V. I'm personally thinking of getting it if I find that I take trips where I will risk my batteries dying without access to charging. I bought the seidio 2600 after discovering on a weekend trip out of town that the use I put my pre through the stock battery didn't cut it and I was out of juice in the evening with 5-6 hours to go. I plan on travelling more so I don't know if I will do things that will require even greater times away from access to charging. If I had an iphone I'd by this amzer thinhg or something similar to it to charge all of my rechargeable things.

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