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    Is there any Pre cases that are good do use while running? I have almost quit using my Ipod since I got my Pre but can't seem to find a good way to carry it while I run so I have music and my phone.

    Also are there any head phones that fit all the way into the Pre. All the ones I have a least a little bit of the metal remains outside the phone.

    I apologize if I am rehashing questions but I just started following post on here.
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    They can be a little spendy, but if you can spare the cash, BT headphones are REALLY worth the money. I haven't used them with a Pre, since I won't be getting one for 2 more weeks (killing me) but I have used them with a WindowsMobile device and absolutely loved it.

    Also, if you go that route, you can FF/RR/Skip/Adjust volume right from the BT steroe headphones if you get ones that have basic controls on them (most do) which means any universal arm pouch that the pre won't fall out of will work just fine.

    Plus, since most of them also have a mic, if you get a call, a button tap on the headphones stops the music and answers the call without ever looking at the phone.
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    The Plantronics BackBeat works great for sports. I use it when I ride my bike. It'll allow you to skip/pause/play tracks through the controls of the headset.

    If you don't mind the wire, your original pre headset can pause/play tracks by tapping the call button, and skips tracks by tapping twice.

    As for a case, try to find a generic armband strap. You won't need access to the controls so it won't matter.
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    Try WalMart....I got a generic ipod sports armband from there that fit the pre perfectly...

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