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    I am trying to play Pandora through my laptop via bluetooth but it's not working. I can here the phone calls through my laptop speakers but not the music. Can anyone help? I have searched but can't find any messages about the same prob. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    why wouldnt you just stream it from
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    Trying to do it at work... Can't stream music...
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    ok... so it doesn't have to be pandora same thing with audio stored on the pre... pre will not see the laptop as an audio gateway. It will only see it as a voice gateway for making a phone call. Pre will see BT speakers as an audio gateway, and it works. I tried with a co-workers laptop. same thing. His LG sees both laptops as an audio gateway though. The problem is only with the Pre... Can anyone help? Am I doing something wrong?
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    There's a project that was started, but it's very large job to replace the Palm's proprietary bluetooth. New Bluetooth - WebOS Internals but it's very new.

    I was hoping to use this since I don't like to sit down my phone at some of the larger parties.

    I think most are just hoping Palm just adds OBEX support along with everything else.
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    Sorry Templarian, I am not following you. Are you saying that there's something wrong with the bluetooth on the pre?
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    Nothing wrong... it just has very limited support with other devices. At least that's my understanding why they started the project (they might of wanted bluetooth for applications also).

    (If Palm ever adds OBEX it would of course allow file transfers while it was on the touchstone completely eliminating the use of the USB cable which is kind of annoying to use.)

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