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    I just applied my phantomskinz to my palm pre yesterday and it looks awesome. I have a zagg skin installed on my slacker and you can definitely tell that the phantomskin is a superior product at 1/2 of the price.

    Here's the sweet promo they have going on.

    You can get 2 screen protector's for the pre for 6.67 shipped.

    Use promo code "pre33"
    Link to the Pre skin
    Phantom Skinz - Clear Protection Film for Palm Pre

    Here's information from their site about their skins and their promo.

    PhantomSkinz is the latest in Optically Clear Protection Film for Cell Phones and PDA’s. Originally designed to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from erosion, PhantomSkinz are now exclusively designed for your Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s). PhantomSkinz Protection Kits will provide superior protection against “everyday” scratches, dings and debris. Our design team has years of experience and balances “maximum coverage” against “ease-of-installation” to give YOU the optimal combination. Simple and easy to follow instructions aid in the installation process, which assures you that your device will maintain that “like new” look. Whether you are looking to protect the Screen of your device OR the Full Body, PhantomSkinz is the preferred choice in protection.

    PhantomSkinz are made from Durable “Self Healing” film technology that allows most dings and scratches to “heal” after a 24 hour period. Warranty…PhantomSkinz offers a Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty!

    What makes PhantomSkinz better than the rest?

    2 complete kits with every order (phones only)
    Lifetime Warranty
    30 day Money Back Guarantee
    Doesn't interfere with touch screens
    Clearest film on the market
    Full body coverage options
    No added bulk
    Not rubbery or tacky feeling like imitators
    Free shipping in the US via USPS First Class Mail
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    Nice, I'm in! Thanks!
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    I found this incredibly difficult to apply properly (mainly the cutout edges), but once on and cured, it looks and feels great. Recommended, but you have to have a surgeon's patience in applying it
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    I applied mine, took some time for me, but I figured it was due to being the first skin I ever put on anything. It was worth it. I agree that it looks and feels great. Just looking can barely tell that it is on there.
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    Sweet. Getting some to replace the bodyguardz.
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    I'm loving mine! Best part? Zero fingerprints at this price I'm getting some spares

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