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    Is there any way to turn off the clock screen when you place the pre on the touchstone?

    It lights up half the bedroom...

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    I put mine under my bed. No option for turning off the screen. Sorry.
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    Look at the homebrew app Brightness Unlinked. It's not perfect, and the developer is working on it, but it usually can turn the screen off (and leaves the LED gesture button light lit) on the first to fifth try.

    I've got two Pre's in the bedroom (wife's and mine) so we really get lots of light otherwise.
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    Yes, there is. Before you go to bed, put a shirt or towel over it.
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    I just lay the little sleeping bag pouch over the screen (the one that came in the box).

    Until Palm sees fit to make it an option we either have to live with it or hope that someone writes a workaround.
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    Thanks to all. I resorted to leaving my case on top...
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    I put black underwear (clean, and brand new out of the package!) on top. Small enough to not drown out the alarm sound, but heavy enough to cover the light. I have a "night light" in my room anyway so I don't break my face tripping over my footboard in the middle of the night going to the bathroom, but this thing is like a spotlight comparitively.

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