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    I have to admit that the touchstone charger was one of the top 5 reasons why I switched to the Palm Pre from the iPhone 3G. The touchstone charger has truly revolutionized the way we charge our phones. Before it was all about finding the end of your charging cable then manipulating it in such that it weasels its way into an overly complicated connector on your phone. Now it is so easy to charge, simply place your phone on the touchstone.

    I wanted to do a quick review on the touchstone. There are some tips and tricks and some features that you may not know about. This article is a good place to learn everything about the charger. I have also included a piece at the bottom of the article that tells you how to obtain a free Palm ac adapter and micro-usb cable needed to run the Touchstone.

    Happy reading!

    Palm Pre Touchstone Charger Kit Review and HOW TO OBTAIN A FREE PALM AC ADAPTER AND MICRO-USB | L337Tech
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    Has anyone tried to do the "Free Palm Adapter Trick" that I talked about in the review?

    Were you successful? Just curious because it worked so well for me.

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