View Poll Results: Does audio crackle/get choppy using a bluetooth earpiece with your pre your pocket?

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  • Nope, I have no problems with choppy bluetooth audio when pre is in pocket

    15 31.91%
  • Choppy bluetooth audio happens when pre is in pocket, but not too bad

    17 36.17%
  • Choppy bluetooth audio happens when pre is in pocket, and makes bluetooth unusable with the pre

    15 31.91%
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    I have the same issues with my Pre and my 2009 Maxima built in bluetooth system. My calls crackle, toggle between bluetooth and handset and sound horrible
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    Same here.
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    My instinct worked fine with my car's bluetooth system, so why does my pre suck?
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    Guys, after extensive testing, there's HSP and HFP profiles. One of the 2 profiles works just fine, no crackle, about 25ft range. The other profile is messed up and you lose range about 4 ft and experience static. Given the profile is a software issue, I suspect this can be fixed in the future.

    I think it's the HSP that's fine. I'd have to dig back thru my notes.

    Please post all car issues over on the palm forum in their car kit issue list that THEY started. They are aware there is an issue and here's to hoping that 1.2 has some fixes.
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    I get the same effect with my Jawbone Prime. Sometimes its better, sometimes worse. If the Pre is sitting somewhere stable, it seems to do better than when its carried.
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    I've had the same problem with every phone/BT combination I have tried. If the BT is on one side and the phone in the opposite pocket I get mild static. I think it has to do with the density of my head and the materials it's constructed out of.

    Maybe we need a line of Palm branded hats with a Pre holster built in?
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    Can someone come up with a better bluetooth signal strength PATCH for the Pre.
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    A tip that I found works for me is to keep my pre in the *back* jeans pocket when using my bluetooth headsets.. makes a huge difference (and I've gotten used to just carrying it there)
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    I don't use BT for calls much so can't comment on the HSP/HFP quality, but for A2DP audio my previous Treos had all sorts of issues used in-pocket while the Pre has been nothing but rock solid. I can finally turn my head to look at stuff while jogging and not have the audio skip or disconnect, and car audio is flawless without ever removing the Pre from my pocket...
    Yeah, uhh... it's Kevin. (KevinT was already taken.)

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    Before 1.2, I was having the same bluetooth problems most of you are describing with my Inifiniti G35x. After 1.2, it was all fixed, perfect and clear sound, not drop packets and crackling sounds. I then upgraded to 1.2.1 and the problem is there again. The release notes claim that bluetooth was not touched, but it certainly effected my Pre.
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    I am having the same issue. My phone BT connects well to everything ...the headset BT is fine until I put in my pocket and it crackles and breaks up..defeats the purpose on why my hubby got it for me. Not happy at all with it.
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