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    With the extra size this case gives the Pre, how does it affect the way it sits in ones pocket? Also, I haven't been able to find anything about this case online. Is only available at physical locations, or am I just doing it wrong?
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    hello to all!

    i got this case 2 days ago because of this thread. i have to say that i really like this case. it makes the pre a lot thicker, but i have large hands (can palm a basketball from a light throw), so i dont mind it at all. the best thing about the case (other than the touchstone support) is how it "works". like the OP pics, it is a sliding case that greatly supports the sliding mechanism of the phone itself, so no oreo. the case itself does feel "cheap" but when its on the phone, i dont notice it at all. also, the 2 colors of the faces suck (the silver one makes me think of the palm iphone lol) as well. cant win it all i guess.

    @armchair comm:

    because of it making the phone thicker, its a little clunky in the pocket, but i wouldnt put anything else in the pocket i keep the phone in anyway. also, the case only came out last weekin sprint stores, so that prolly why you havent found anything on it yet.
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    the innocase is the way to go to keep it as slim as possible
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    Quote Originally Posted by gus_mccrae View Post
    Will it still fit in the palm leather case with the ribbon?
    it wont fit in the case with even the innocase so no it wont lol
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    i registered for this site just to give my opinion and let everyone know about this case.
    -it does make the pre a little beefier but it's not that bad and at least i don't feel like such a pansy holding such a small phone.

    -i hated the chrome at first but it grows on you real quick. i will probably be painting it or using black vinyl on it anyway though. it does come with two faces (red and chrome) so you can afford to mess one up.

    -it does make using the outside buttons a little tougher but the only one i use often is the power. you could sand a little bit off near the power button to make it easier to push. the qwerty buttons on the outside of the keyboard are a tiny bit harder to use but it's still not bad at all and im not into typing essays on it.

    -i finally feel like the phone is safe and the fact the sliding channels outside are brilliant.

    -also there are provisions on this shell case by agf that are there for a shell case holster/clip. you can tell from the indentation on the botton and the top left. i'm trying to find out if they will produce it. they did one for the storm shell case i believe as well.

    -last but not stated on the packing from sprint it's touchstone compatible. only problem is it's not a strong magnetic connection but it still sits and chargers. what i would recommend which is what i will be doing it dremeling or cutting out the circle indent part for where the touchstone docks in order for it to just touch the touchstone back plate directly. and better yet you will still get to see that beautiful palm emblem on the back of your phone again.

    hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by impulseballer View Post
    -it does make the pre a little beefier but it's not that bad and at least i don't feel like such a pansy holding such a small phone.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    Gotta check that out, thanks for the post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikerz View Post

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
    that's frickin perfect lol.

    but seriously it is a small sleek sexy phone and is quite emasculating
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schufly View Post
    Gotta check that out, thanks for the post!
    np dude....they way overcharge tho
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    The implementation of no retention clips is unique but the chrome is disgusting and gaudy.

    You guys might want to hold out on purchasing though; I hear there's a revision pending that will integrate programmable/scrolling multicolored LED text into one half of the chrome plating and 'mood ring' in the second..
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    FYI, this case FAILED with my touchstone. The innocase surface charges perfectly fine, a little hard at times to get lined up. But this case wouldn't even charge with my touchstone, just kept coming on and off. I returned it.

    HOWEVER, for anyone looking for a SOLID case, I recommend this fully.
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    I enjoy the wiggle on my pre.
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    what i would recommend which is what i will be doing it dremeling or cutting out the circle indent part for where the touchstone docks in order for it to just touch the touchstone back plate directly.
    I agree. That's the easiest way to make a case TS-compatible, and doing so doesn't really expose the Pre itself to any danger. I'm probably going to return this case and wait until another vendor makes a slimmer version with slider rails.
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    Chrome Ooooook....
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    My wife and I have this case on both of our Pres. It completely eliminates the twist, and makes the phone feel more solid. It makes charging port more difficult to access, and you can not slide the phone open with the case on and the charger plugged in. Also makes the top button a little tricky to access in a hurry, like when the alarm is going off.

    Not a fan of the red or the chrome. Not sure what they were thinking there.

    I would recommend this for anyone who does not mind the Pre being a little bit larger, and wants to keep Oreos as cookies only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glod View Post
    take the magnets out of the touchstone back (peel back sticker and they come right out and can be put back in easily), stick them on the innocase back (with alignment) using the adhesive left on them, works like a charm, no tools required.
    I applaud your efforts, but what do you do about the innocase' horrible little tabs? I live in fear of having to change batteries or anything, because it's better than even money that the little blighters will simply snap off!

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    Wish you guys would have found me sooner, I could have saved you all!!! Lol j/k but I do offer and I know this is an old thread, (threads die but interest does not), but I do offer an OtterBox case that is touchstone compatible. I do these mods myself and have done for several more people. Check out my website in my sig. Everyones pre should be TS compatible no matter what! ;-)
    Need a case or battery touchstone compatible? I just released my OtterBox case that works with the Touchstone. Check out the links below.

    Some user feedback here:
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