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    Wow, this d3o stuff looks like the kind of protection my Pre could use.

    Video: Tech21's iBand protective case and its mystical, magical, non-Newtonian goo

    Pre case makers...get this stuff!!!!
    I'm BACK!!!
    Treo 650 -> Treo 755p-> iPhone 3g -> Palm Pre
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    Haha that is crazy! I would definitely get one for the Pre but I'm not sure how they could do it with the slider.
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    thats the only sad part about having a slider, UNLESS, they come up with a sweet lil combination of d3o and this....***w w]Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case - Jet Black For Palm - Palm Pre - Cases - Fommy.c o m

    a jelly type d3o and i'm sold!

    ps - you gotta take out the spaces, I'm still a lil noobie
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    That's a pretty nice looking skin.. Never even knew about it. I'm sure once they get all of their iPhone and iPod skins worked out and released for all major Apple products (if they haven't already) we'll see them start developing some good ideas for the Pre.

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