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    I've now tried two of these. The first one was a rubber thing which fit so badly that I threw it out.

    The 2nd one was plastic & much better, i.e. it snapped onto the Pre just fine. In fact, too fine & therein lies the problem.

    By now we all know that the current Pre (because of its design) is sensitive to manufacturing specs. Some of the earlier models sported slider & battery problems. I think -- altho it will get better -- some of this will remain w Pre as long as this design exists. Bottom line, it's a 'delicate' design.

    Along comes a well made form-fitting snap on case which has to snap on both pieces. To do this requires some rather indelicate handling. Try taking it off for some reason, to upgrade the battery, etc. Essentially you are pulling the Pre apart to get the case off even if you are careful.

    So I offer this POV for you to consider when deciding how to protect / carry your Pre. IMO, better to stay away from the snap on type, be they rubber or plastic.

    Jan Rifkinson
    Ridgefield CT USA
    Jan Rifkinson
    Ridgefield CT USA
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    I loved my Cellet cases. However, they are essentially single-use because the act of removing them usually destroyed the extremely fine "teeth" that held the cover onto the case.
    No matter how carefully I stretched the case to get the "teeth" to engage gently, it would eventually snap them off or damage them to the point that the case would lose its integrated feel.
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    i have what appears to be an amzer (got it at the mall) and i have removed it many times without problems.
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    In order to remove my innocase I just slide my finger nail around the edges. This is usually enough to remove it without having to pull or pry too much.
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    This topic is true for RocketFish but not for the Seidio Innocase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralViscen View Post
    This topic is true for RocketFish but not for the Seidio Innocase.
    TOTALLY AGREE!!! When i first purchased my phone at Best Buy i bought the RocketFish. It's completely terrible it loosens up your phone and when having the usb inserted you either need to leave it open or closed because when u slide it it rubs against the usb cable scratching it.


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