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    I've seen listings for Sprint car chargers on eBay at comparatively low prices. Are these really legit or just cheap knock-offs? And if legit, where are these guys getting the chargers that they can sell so cheaply?
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    Most people don't recommend the Sprint charger for the Pre. For some peoples Pre's they do not work at all, mine happens too. But if I were to do it again, I would not buy the Sprint version. There is a thread on compatible car chargers, my next one will be the Palm one because of size and versatility, (and it works with the Touchstone).
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    The eBay items work great. Bought one that works a lot better than the Pre car charger because it puts out a full 1000 va and that's more than enough to power the touchstone.

    see: http: // .m14#ht_3403wt_1107

    for one exceptionally good deal.
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    Check the marketplace forum here on precentral, trim81 is selling them for 10$ shipped. I have one, works great, and with touchstone
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    There are 39000 threads about those already. Many by people that replaced them because they do not meet the specs for the Pre and have issues.

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