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    I spent about 10 minutes searching the forums but didn't find any threads related to my question... apologies if I simply missed it, but...

    What Bluetooth profiles does the Pre support presently? More specifically, has anyone managed to connect to a desktop PC for file transfers? I think that's OBEX, but not sure.

    I couldn't even seen to get the Pre to connect... I have it discoverable, ditto my PC, and on my PC it sees the Pre, but when I add the device it doesn't show in the list of devices after I'm done... more problematic though is that nothing ever happens on the Pre, like no connect confirmation or anything, so I suspect they aren't pairing... I'm just not sure if that's because there's no matching profile or for some other reason.

    So, just trying to find out if I'm trying to do the impossible or if I just have some troubleshooting ahead of me

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    No OBEX, unfortunately. You can connect via PAN, though, and it's possible to install an SFTP server so you can transfer files that way. But this is not exactly out of the box, though it's not that hard.
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    Another feature found in the centro and treo 650 but is MIA on the pre
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    is it too late for palm to upgrade to OBEX? or is that a hardware issue?
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    Stupid me, I realized I hadn't installed the full set of drivers on my PC... I installed the basic BT stack, but not the drivers Once I did that I was at least able to pair the Pre with the PC... but as seems to be the case from the replies, it's not of a whole lot of use (PAN+SFTP server notwithstanding, which is more effort than I'm in the mood to expend). Here's to hoping future updates expands the BT capabilities a bit I guess.
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    If you install MyTether you can use the BT network connection to access the Net.

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