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    ...wonder if this'll work with my extended battery/case
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    i got the Sprint Premium Holster - Item # CHP9119R for my Pre Plus. i really didn't like any of the verizon ones. this ones great and it protects it well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by number1pete View Post
    I started out with the Siedo holster with the hole for the auido cable to go through the belt clip and generally liked it. The only problem was that it broke (and the Pre never sat perfectly flush).

    Then i decided to go with a cheaper more simple holster from Optimum and have been very happy/excited so far. Its been a few weeks and still no breakage.

    NE wayz i decided to do a full write up of my holster experience which can be found here:

    UPDATE: Seidio contacted me and was more than willing to replace my broken holster.

    Best Belt Clip Holster For Palm Pre Review | L337Tech
    Hey there number1pete, are you Casey? Anyway just wanted to know if my PRE with a Seidio 2600mAH extended battery would be compatible or not.
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