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    I'm in the market for a bigger battery, problem is I don't know which way to go. Should I get. 1400 mah battery and get a touchstone, or go get a 2600 or 2800 extended battery? I'm goin dead around 5pm everyday from taken off the charger around 6.Let me know what u think
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    Read my review of the Seidio 2600 battery in this forum. Maybe that will help you with the decision.
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    If you are not charging it now during the day, then a Touchstone may not make any difference. Unless you are just not charging it due to inconvenience, then I would suggest an extended battery.

    I have a Touchstone, and I am debating on going with the 2600mah or sticking with the 1350mah. Accessories like the Touchstone-compatible back and carrying cases/holsters are preventing me from purchasing the 2600mah. I also just ordered an armband carry case for workouts/yardwork, and I dont want the Pre to be too thick. Also, if you buy the 1400mah or 1350, you can just carry the stock battery as a backup (but you'd have to keep it charged) and pop it in when the other battery depletes. That may be the route I end up taking since it preserves the Pre's sexiness.

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