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    hard case that snaps to top slide and bottom slide separate. could the touchstone replacement back magnet work threw the protective case?

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    First post...welcome.

    No. Not any case will work. Read the descriptions of the product. Some cases will allow the Touchstone to work even if they dont advertise it, but not as well. Seidio's Innocase Surface is advertised and backed up by users as being a great case.

    And before the others chime in with the obvious, let me point out that you can use the Search button to look for threads already started on this topic (which a few have already been started). Just FYI...
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    One thing you will notice with nearly all cases is that the Pre will charge through them, but not as quickly as directly on the touchstone. To test my theory, I put 10 sheets of construction paper between my phone and the touchstone. The connection is made, albeit a weak one. The phone charged, but at nearly half the pace.

    Induction is an interesting thing. The Pre is pretty sensitive to even a small amount of electromagnetism, and thus will register the Touchstone even with another medium (leather or otherwise) in between them.
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    Yea there's even a post about a guy who charges his wifes pre through her purse with the TS.
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    Search fo seidio innocase fix for touchstone charging. Mine charges just as fast, naked or not.
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    thanks for all your help.
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    I was wondering as well if it will work thru zagg cover

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