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    It doesn't happen with all music tracks but a lot of songs get crackling. The songs that don't do it, I can turn all the way up and they'll still sound fine but the songs that crackle have it at all volumes, it's very annoying.

    Direct audio cable hookup doesn't have the same problem.

    Has anyone experienced this issue?
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    Yep, same problem in 09 Acura TSX. I really hope there is some fix for this in the next update. I also have a problem that the hands free button on the steering wheel to hang up the phone does not work
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    I'm using the Sprint FIPO and don't have this issue.

    Does this happen with all bletooth devices? Or just your pre?
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    same ing@ for me wasn't able to send some contact car with my samsung Instinct but I think thats because of thé bluethoot versions. With this in constant évolution thes are not compatibles...

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