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    I was debating for a long time on which skin to buy and was leaning towards the Phantom Skinz, but at $24.95 (it's a thin rubber film) I thought it was a little pricey.

    So, I bought a Best Skin instead at $7.99. I love this skin...I can barely tell it's there, and it was super easy to install, every hole, cutout lined up PERFECTLY!!! It has added extra shine to my Pre and doesn't show fingerprints as much. There is a little bit of orange peel but nothing really noticable at all...

    I am really impressed with this product!!!!

    here is the link Palm Pre Skin

    Picture 033.jpg

    Picture 034.jpg

    Picture 035.jpg

    Picture 037.jpg
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    yeah i had a bse for my ipod touch but went with the phantom skinz for my palm pre.

    Do you use the touchstone? I opted to only get the front protector because ill be getting the touchstone eventually and figured it wouldnt work or would get dmgd (the skin itself, melting?)
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    If you have a Touchstone, you have to put a different back on your phone. (It comes with it.) It's textured and not shiny, so most people I've seen opted not to use a skin on that back.

    I'm planning on getting a Touchstone when I get paid next, so I just bought a front skin for my Pre. (Haven't installed it yet.)
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    Is this skin easy to put on and remove from the Pre?

    Also, can this skin work as kind of a case for the Pre as well?
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    Wow bro you did a really good job of putting that thing on. It looks perfect, I always seem to mess them up. I swithched to the ultimate screen gard though since the Seidio case and it seems to do the job even though it doesn't cover the hole thing.

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