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    I'm still waiting for my 1400mah battery, but the innocase is here now. I'd like to use it, but after having a rocketfish I'm afraid that i'll break it when I have to put in the battery.

    Should I leave it off until I'm ready to leave it on for good? Or is it that much easier than the rocketfish?
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    I took mine off recently and found it rather easy. Gently run your fingernail around the case and gently pull outward. Once you get one tab off it will be easy.
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    the rocketfish is a pain to put on and off, imo. it was thick, added unnecessary pressure to the surface, was too tight while on, and my fingertips always felt raw after putting it on or taking it off. the innocase is very easy to snap on and take off. the material is very flexibile, so it is alot easier to handle when putting it on or removing.

    i speak from experience of having both.
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    Alright, thanks a lot.
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    Wow, this case absolutely demolishes the RocketFish case in every way. I couldn't imagine two competing pieces of plastic being much different, so I saved some money on the Rocketfish. So, so glad I returned it.

    Innocase is the real deal. I got it for $22.50 on Amazon too, threw in a cheap DVD for cheap shipping, got it in 5 days for like $30.80.

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