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    I just picked up the touchstone and the back cover, the thing I have noticed it will say it is charging and I can tell the device is secure but 30 minutes later I will hear the charging tone again and it pops up the display notification that it is charging. I have made sure it is secure but I cannot get it from not making the charging tone sound multiple times during the night. I have finally had to turn off the sound(so I will not hear calls coming either which could be a problem). Has anyone else had this issue with the touchstone charger, since plugging the usb cable directly into the phone never had this issue with the phone telling me charging other than once I plug it in? The touchstone is using the palm usb cable and it is plugged into an outlet with the palm usb charger.
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    What I have found out after WebOS update 1.1, is that if the phone is not seated correctly you will get multiple charging tones. Once on the TS correctly multiple tones wil stop. Hope this helps.
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    After countless "fixes" and variations I've come to the conclusions it is a software bug that, not always, resets the induction charging cycle at 100% charge. Hopefully there will be a fix in a future FW update.
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    make sure the palm logos match up on the back cover and touchstone
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    OP: there is already a similar thread on this forum. The problem is in the Touchstone itself: I had the sameissue and got it resolved by exchanging my TS. Would recommend you do the same. After comparison I found that the magnets were "slippery" on my old TS.
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    This has totally been an issue for me on the first night with my Touchstone. i woke up multiple times last evening to the da-ding and noticed the charging message. Verry annoying. Are you all saying i should return my touchstone? I also noticed the phone getting quite warm while charging on the touchstone. I guess I should have researched this purchase a little more. very frustrating.
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    i had the same problem, new touchstone (and new back) solved the issue so far
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    Unfortunately I ordered it through precentral so it is not quite that easy taking it back. It seems like as many people that are having this issue, there seems to be a problem that palm needs to address.
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    I've got two pres. The newer of the two has a similar symptom to yours. Once it has completed charging it starts to make repeated notification tones. I just take it off the touchstone at that point... Thought it might be a version bug...

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