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    I have an Alpine EX-10 in my car and wondering if anyone else is using one. So far, I like the device for streaming music and podcasts via bluetooth. The problems I'm having are related to phone calls. First of all, incoming phone calls sound great over my car stereo system via the AUX jack on my stereo. The issue is what the callers are saying about the outgoing sound. They all have a hard time hearing me most of the time while driving and after I make the first call via the remote control, the next call causes the EX-10 to buzz loudly through the stereo. I usually have to reset the EX-10 to stop the buzzing sound. Are you having the same issues?

    I do have the microphone located on the drivers sun visor and most of the callers say I sound very tinny and garbled.


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    Do you have problems with your Pre being answered on the EX10? Mine won't answer, even in auto-answer mode. What remote button are you pressing to answer calls?
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    That's more of a problem with the ex-10. I had that thing and I hated it so much. It never worked right. The noise the callers are hearing is because of a ground loop being experienced with the ex-10. Not really much you can do about it.
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    i just purchased the ex-10 and i also have installed car audio for 14 years. i'll let you know my experience with it once i install this in my car. i love my pre and hope to use the system in my mustang for my phone calls via bluetooth through the ex-10 . ill update later.
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    ok, the ex-10 is installed and it works pretty damn good. i did hook up everything before hard mounting it and experienced the buzz noise and radio interference. to solve this, you will need to put the junction box as close to the radio antenna as possible. if you can mount it right by the antenna wire you should notice near perfect audio quality. as with any installation you will need to open your mind and experiment a little to get this to work. i do notice a little static on bluetooth calls, but when i can move around a bit more' (i just had surgery on my stomache 3 weeks ago and am still a little tender) i will get my junction box more closer to the antenna base of the car. when i had the unit loose and not hard mounted i put the antenna on top of my dashboard which places the car and junction box antennas 2 feet from each other and experienced perfect bluetooth phone calls. so do some adjusting and let me know if you need any pointers on installation.

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