I'm looking for a stereo BT headset for my Pre with noise reduction, cancellation, or at least isolation. I have the Sony DRBT140G which I mostly like: can listen to music or streaming in stereo, answer calls with a button on the headset, mic quality seems to be good, music quality is OK, but could use more bass. The Sony maintains the BT connection to my Pre very well -- no pauses, etc. My only problem with the Sony is that it is over-the-ear and lets in too much noise -- I am in noisy environments a lot.

So, If anyone has experience with a better BT / hands free headset please let me know. As I see it, the important features are:
  • Maintains BT connection to Pre event during physical activity out of doors.
  • Good music sound quality.
  • Good microphone quality during a phone call. (Had Dell BT headphones and people could not hear me well, I had to yell to be heard.)
  • Feature to reduce outside noise.
  • All the usual buttons for telephone answering, hang-up, music volume, next, previous.
  • Good battery life.

Did I leave anything out?