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    has anyone bought one of these? Are they any good?

    I ask because I was using a rocket fish case with a screen protector but the from of the rocket fish case wont go back on.....

    1) I returned the rocketfish case. How do I take the front off of the phone without it breaking? All of the clips where still there. Best buy just took it back. I have NOT put it back on yet with the fear of breaking it and having to return it agian.

    2) I was thinking of buying a Smartphone Experts Click Case for Palm Pre and just using my front screen protector. (Static cling) So Im wondering if anyone had any advice!

    Thank you!
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    Google "Seidio-Innocase for Palm Pre" The best out there so far. Even works with the touchstone.
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    I know about this phone case. I dont think I want it.

    Any advice on how to take the front of the rocket fish case without killing it?

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    Typically, I open the phone first, unclip the 'top' clip, or the 'top right' clip (when viewing phone screen, top left if you look at it facing the mirror).

    Then proceed around unclipping the rest. I rarely need anything more than a fingernail to lift the clip over the edge of the phone.

    To install, I 'hook' the bottom of the case first, then snap on the 'top' then massage the side clips in. I use a trimmed phantom skin screen protector, but its possible to get it on with the whole protector on there, its just a helluva lot tighter.
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    Does anybody know if seidio innocase will help with a slight Oreo problem
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    Very slightly. I makes it feel a little tighter but not much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THETRUTH View Post
    Does anybody know if seidio innocase will help with a slight Oreo problem
    Doesn't have any effect on mine.

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