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"Does anyone know if you can have multiple Bluetooth connections open at the same time?

Here's what I'd like to accomplish:

I'd like to have my phone connected to my car to answer and make calls. However, my car doesn't support stereo Bluetooth, so I'd like to buy a receiver and connect to that so I can play music over Bluetooth.


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Palm Answer

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You can pair the pre to both but the OS will only use one at a time, however if you are using a stereo head set you can listen to music then when a call comes in the music can be stopped to take the call. ( not recomended for use in the car) safty issue.

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My Question:

My understanding is that current bluetooth standards multihtreaded connection, up to 7 simultaneous device connections? So is the limitation to 1 connection ata time something that is imposed by Palm and the WebOS? Is it possible that they could upgrade this, or that a third party app could implement multiple connections?

What I desire to do, which appearantly is not possible, is to pair and connect the phone with my car as a hands free device, but then also pair with a bluetooth music gateway in the car using a2dp to stream music through the car audio. Any chance that will come anytime soon?