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    I have had my touchstone for 6 days now. Yesterday my touchstone was on and off with charging. I Had to turn the phone off/on and mess with the placement of the phone/touchstone like crazy to get it to charge. Today the touchstone isnt working at all. It's very annoying and my charger works perfect without the touchstone so its not the outlet or charger. I also removed the back cover and put it back on and no difference.

    Any advice besides getting my touchstone replaced?
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    I have a similar issue with my Touchstone, though I've had it for over 30 days and it only recently began exhibiting this behavior. Prior to that it worked without any issues. I am utilizing the same charger (original Palm wall adapter/USB), though have tried others without success.

    I have yet to find a "fix" for it. I've tried various outlets, all with the same result. I find that I have to position it just so, even that is hit or miss. I've eliminated the possibility of the phone, as I had to exchange my Pre recently (for other reasons), and the same issues occurs. Therefore I believe it's the TS or the backplate itself, more likely the TS.

    It would appear that there is a bad batch of TS that were produced, and replacement is about the only solution. I would suggest to return/exchange if possible, since it's only been a short amount of time.
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