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    So, I was loving the convenience of the Touchstone for the first few nights, everything worked normal. Now the last 2 nights it charges to 100% then "dings" which I assume means it's fully charged. The problem is it keeps "dinging" approx. every 5 minutes after that. It's like it's telling me to take it iff the charger! Great, but at 2am who wants to be babysitting their "Smartphone"? Any idea if this is a software or hardware issue and any solutions or ways to work around it?
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    I have the same problem, just searched here to see if anyone else had any solutions. I believe what's happening (based on my observation alone, nothing official) is that once charging is completed, the Pre stops charging. Then, once it's used a tiny bit of power it starts the charge again, sending the notification on screen and through the speaker that it's doing so. The only solution I've found yet is to turn off System Sounds in Sounds and Ringtones. The notification will still alert that charging has started, but it will be a visual notification only. It only takes a moment to turn it back on in the morning.
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    There is multiple treads here about this. Problem is defective backplate. I did have the same problem and replacing the backplate fixed it. Some members reported success by bending charging posts on the back of the backplate.


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