All in all, I'm fairly unimpressed.

Good Things:
It's cheap.
The screen protector comes with very good directions, and doesn't require spraying your phone with water, like some other protectors do.
The case doesn't seem to hinder the normal operation of the phone.
The back cover seems like it would accommodate a touchstone charger and back cover, though I don't have one to confirm.
There's a very nice looking post card in the package.

Bad Things:
The case doesn't seem to snap on correctly. While it doesn't feel loose, there is certainly a problem with the tabs on the upper right, which cause a snapping sound as the case tries to seat correctly whenever pressure is exerted on the bottom left (like when the keyboard is slid out.) This is highly annoying.
The case isn't as flush as others I've seen.
As noted by another reviewer, the charging door is even more difficult than usual to get at with the case on.
There were no additional screen protectors as mentioned by yet another reviewer. I didn't expect them, but they would have been nice.

Very Bad Things:
There was not a phone pouch that came with the case and screen protector. I wasn't really planning on using it, but it is something I paid for that I didn't receive.

I think the case will do its job. I paid about $13 + shipping, and I see the price has dropped about 25% in the week since I ordered it. Though flawed, it's undeniable that a better case and better screen protector would have cost at least double what I paid, and probably more than that. Whether the clicking noise drives me to go buy one of those or not, I don't know. This is far from an OEM case, with at least slight manufacturing issues and some distribution problems (some people getting extra bits, some not getting all the bits they were supposed to) but for Pre protection on the cheap, it's about what one can expect for a $15 kit.

Unrelated to the actual review but still annoying:
My cat was being "helpful" and so there are a couple pieces of hair stuck under the screen protector >.>