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    I've been using my BT125 from Jabra with the Pre for two+ weeks now an all of a sudden today I can't switch to BT for calls. It rings on the BT125, but I have to hold the phone to my ear to actually talk to and hear my caller. I press the phone button to switch to Bluetooth, but it is ignored and the phone just works on speaker phone or inbuilt mic and spk, no bluetooth voice at all. What the heck happened, anyone?

    UPDATE: I found that if I set the BT125 to 'discover mode' the Pre will find it and connect to it in whatever way it wants to in order to use it like you'd expect. I have never had to set it to discover for any other phones, once paired the first time, they just worked each day when I turned on the phone and the BT125, but not on the Pre apparently...

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    I was looking at this in the store today, over all as of now, what do you think of it? Is it worth the money?

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