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    Hey guys I'm gettin my pre tmrw and ive seen a lotta reviews out there for cases and what not. Heres my dilemma

    First question: Do i even need a case? how easily does the pre scratch? i have an iphone right now and it for sure needs acase. it has scratches on it and ive had a case since day 1!

    second question: if i do need a case, should i go for the zagg screen protector, the rocketfish clear hard case, or the seidio black.

    im leaning towards the screen protector cuz i think the phone just looks too nice to have a case on it that will take away its sleekness. but if you guys say a case is better, then i would rather go for rocketfish as its clear and that way i could still see the palm logo and the sleek look of the phone. however, most people tell me innocase is the best way to go, even though i believe this retracts most from the natural beauty of the phone

    sorry for the long post. but please read and help. would mean a lot thanks!
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    Go with a bodyguard or zagg if you baby your phone, meaning you know you probably wont drop it.

    If you are worried about dropping the phone and want to protect it via case and dont want to take away the look of the phone, then go with the seidio innocase, its very slim and feels great.

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