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    wow! What a difference! Installed the Airvana airave tonight. It booted up no problems and ZING! FULL BARS in the house! I have used all three careers and none have evr given more than a shifty 2-3 bars while the phone is in standby. Then when on a call coverage falls to 1 bar or gets dropped. With the airvana I get full bars! With full bars I get to see the real speed of my Pre! Yes a simple Pre, non-overclocked, not a plus just a Pre and it even seems faster than the demo models I recall looking at long ago!

    I recall doing side by side Centro to Pre comparisons and not seeing much difference in speed. Often the Centro seemed to outdo the Pre. But now with full bars - it's a whole new ball game! Go Pre Go!
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    I have a love/hate relationship with my airrave. I love that I get full bars but I HATE that I can't talk at the same time with the person I am talking with. This is because of the internet voiceover ip.
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    I am having issues on Airave Access Point. Sprint is telling me about an outage.
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    My Airwave is hit or miss. Depending on where I'm at in my house, the signal will be 5 bars or will drop off of the Airwave all together and once it drops off it won't jump back on unless I end my existing call and redial. I just want a good phone and not have to sit in my driveway to finish a call because it will drop once I enter my house due to the lousy signal.
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    Will I have to buy an Airrave and pay a monthly fee? I get bad signal strength in my house
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    Go to Sprint's website, and look up your address on their map. If your in 3G/4G good coverage area, then call them.
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    got mine for free!
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