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    Well... I'm in the same boat as a few of y'all. Called Sprint CS to order the airave on Sept 10. Was told it would be a couple of weeks till the unit was in stock. I would then receive an email with tracking #... Well, still no email/no airave. Kinda irritating, but it's not costing me a penny so, I haven't complained to Sprint so far. Any ideas on when this should happen?
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    Called Sprint on Friday and spoke with the retentions department...had to pay $1.07 tax for the device but they waved the fee for the device and service charges..told me it should arrive on Wednesday.
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    Mine was FINALLY sen out yesterday! I should have it on Friday!
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    Well, mine finally came in yesterday; five days after my complaint post on here... The precentral "gods" probably notified Sprint to send it. Got it set up last night and it's working great. Great signal throughout my entire house. Highly recommend this for anyone with dropped/missed calls at their home/office. Thank you everyone on here that recommended this device.
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    I got mine today (was back ordered) and set it up! I have a signal in my basement now! Now I will stay with Sprint for another 2 years atleast. (Got the Airave through retentions, have a good Corp discount, and I love the Pre) Life is good again.
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    I just got my Airave today. I LOVE it! 4-5 bars 90% of the time. Great and easy access for phone calls! Slow for the internet but thats what my WiFi is for! Over all it was free and monthly charge free. Worth the wait!
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    I also got the monthly fee waived, but took the unlimited plan, I was told your anytime minutes apply, even when mobile to mobile, since the systems sees it as a VOIP. That was what the rep told me.
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    Took my Airwave back since it was reporting my GPS location incorrectly.
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    Once you have a couple cell phones, wifi, and a mini Cell phone tower in your house, are there conceivable health concerns with that many signals bombarding your brain with in the confines of your home?
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    Just got off the line with Customer Service, after 4X with other persons and dropped calls (which likely helped my case). They said I was "eligible" for the device, with no monthly service and no fee. Speak with Account Services or an account manager, tell them you have had the same trouble multiple times before, and you should be eligible for the device! Good Luck! By the way, it is on back order "4-5 weeks".
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    I Wanna Try Airrave before I spend too much money...
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    I tried getting the airrave and they told me my area had "fair" coverage... and wanted me to buy the unit. I told them, not only am I not gonna buy the unit, I'm not gonna pay an additional fee on top of my monthly service charges to get reception I should already have.

    It's disappointing considering I have been with Sprint since 1999 without any payment issues or complaints.
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    I got my airave in September after switching to Sprint from T-Mobile due to poor coverage at home. Unfortunately a few weeks ago it quit working and after a few calls to Airare Support there was nothing they can do but replace it but since they're on backorder I have no service (or Roam Only). Anyone know what the current timeframe is for receiving the Airave?
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    Update 2: Up and running! 4 to 5 bars throughout the house! It's a shame it took sooooooo much prodding to get an item, that shouldn't be needed in the first place!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chefbuckeye70 View Post
    And here is my story...I have been with Sprint 7 years, purchased a Pre hoping for a better signal than my Instinct in my home, where I get a half bar at best. Pre solved nothing. Contacted Sprint via e-care....No luck just an offer to purchase an Airave and a 4.95 a month fee. Contacted Sprint via Survey sent after online chat. Then I was contacted by "Basil Blair" Customer Service Rep from Sprint on September 3rd. After 6 e-mails and 17+ days I'm offered $49 refurb or $99 new Airave. No monthly cost....I give in, and then I get an e-mail September 17th that they are out of stock, and she/he will send me an e-mail, when more arrive..... I've really about had it with "Basil", I'm not sure if Sprint contracts this part of customer service, but she/he has little concern for my Account. Not looking too good for Sprint in a year and a half when renewal comes up, I doubt I'll forget this event....

    11/12: Update Strange enough, I find an e-mail from Basil in my spam folder. I send him an e-mail. I get a call, offering 1.85 Tax fee, everything else NO CHARGE! Maybe those 2000 person Employee Reduction announcements are lighting some fires? Should be here Friday via 2 day shipping.
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    Wish I had gotten the 'free' deal that happened early on.
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    I tried emailing customer care back in September but got stonewalled after 2-3 weeks of back and forth. I told them I was going to switch to AT&T and get an iPhone, but they didn't care.

    I wandered by a Sprint store about a month ago, and asked about the Airave, and the guys there told me it was discontinued from the stores. They didn 't know when the new ones were schedule to come out.

    I called Sprint customer service 8-9 days ago and followed the prompts to get to a customer service rep to tell them I was having coverage issues at my new house. I told them I stopped by a Sprint store and asked about an Airave, and the store reps told me that I had to call customer service and they were only giving them out to customers who had connectivity issues. I didn't have to argue, plead or do anything special.

    The rep transfered me to an account services person who promptly took my info and said they would send me an Airave. There was never any discussion about price, until when he verified my shipping info, he told me there would be a $4.99 charge and a $4.99 credit on my account every month.

    I received the Airave from UPS today, plugged it in, and it was up and running in 15 minutes. No problems - 5 bars! It seems to improve my data throughput also.

    Checked my account on and there was a charge for $104 and a credit for $103 so I guess I ended up paying $1 and no monthly fee.

    Bottom line - keep trying and you may get one too...
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    I could have used one of these in my apartment earlier this year. user to user support.
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    just got off the phone with sprint and told them I got bad reception at my apartment and they checked and said I was eligble for an airave and they waved the monthly fee can't wait for it to get here
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    i actually do have terrible reception at my home. i don't want to abuse the system but wouldn't turn away a discount. might try this.
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    I received one from Sprint, all it did was provide a worse signal (echo, etc) than without it. Now it sits in a box up in my closet collecting dust.
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