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    I have a palm pre and wanted to know why when i turn bluetooth on, it wont recognize other phones with bluetooth including palm pre's?!? is there a way around this? or am i doing something wrong?
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    Same Question and problem. How can a Palm Centro pair with a phone and the Pre can't? Just doesn't add up.
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    The Pre does not have data bluetooth profiles currently installed/active, so it only connects with headsets and car kits at this time.
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    Why in God's green earth would they make a phone of this caliber that can not accept BT data transfer? What where they thinking?
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    I have paired my Pre with a Treo 755p and my Mac laptop. I can't find it at the moment, but I read somewhere that the Pre is only discoverable if you are in the actual bluetooth program, not by tapping from the home screen.
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    I just bought pre 4 days ago and i am not able to pair it with my BT Samsung WEP301. I had same problem with first unit i received and then got an replacement next day since first unit have other problems along with BT. Can someone help me with this problem. I am using Software version 1.1.0 on my pre.

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    i knew it wasnt just me lol... so when will Palm update there software so it can pair with phones...cuz i think its stupid to have a Pre that can do difficult things, but can do simple things...thats like buy a watch that can turn on your car, but cant tell time...

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