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    You'll still get the buzz most likely. Seems to be the nature of the inductive charging beast I fear.
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    Rats. Curse my good hearing.
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    Do people that hear the buzz have it next to speakers or possibly a magnetic source? I had a touchstone on my desk at work and had it right in front of my PC speakers. It used to make a buzzing noise until I moved it further away from the desktop speakers. IDK if it was a coincidence or the cause, but it fixed the buzzing I heard.
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    never happen to me , i think it's software issue ,maybe a patch can solve this problem
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    you should know that even AC chargers give off a low whine when there is nothing drawing power from it, if you don't beleave me plug it in and put your ear next to it. The only time I ever hear a whine from the touchstone is when the phone is on it and fully charged, so it wasn't drawing hardly any power
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    SOmetime repositioning helps w the buzz, if pre is not centered appropriately then it may buzz, try landscape charging. Make sure its centered.
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    I had this same problem when I bought my first Touchstone. Mine actually buzzed constantly no matter if it was fully charged or not. I have 3 other people in my dept at work that also have the Pre or Pre Plus. I swamped back overs with one who has the Plus version and then tried it on the Touchstone and this fixed the problem. The person I swapped with didn't get the buzz on their Touchstone with my cover. I think there is something up with some of of the covers that causing that buzzing.
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    @sinime: interesting idea -- I have mine on my bedside table, right next to a budget clock radio. Will try to move it away from that guy and see what happens.

    @zeke0410: this is way way beyond what you can hear coming from a regular plug-pack, or larger transformer. It is a fairly high frequency buzz, not your typical 60Hz hum.

    @kkhanmd: I tried moving it around, etc. but that didn't seem to help. I could get the buzz with the Pre held just away from the Touchstone, too, if that matters. But I did not try it in landscape. Will also try that tonight.

    @ev99wutang: from reading a lot of comments here it seems like it's hit or miss. Some have it, some don't. No doubt it requires a combination of things with both the Pre & the Touchstone to get the buzz.
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    OK, so I did some experimenting this morning. I have 3 new Touchstones to go with my new Pre+, so gave them all a chance when the phone started getting uppity at 4:30am.

    I found that all the Touchstones gave the buzzing -- some more, some less. The one I had on there originally kept lighting up the screen even with Brightness Unlinked running, and gave a very audible buzz. The other 2 TS's did not light up the screen but still buzzed some.

    There is another thread that suggests that there is a tolerance issue with the distance between the coils in the TS & the matching coils in the phone's back plate which causes the buzzing.

    I took the little clear plastic cap that came with the TS's and used that to space them apart a bit. The phone doesn't stick to the TS as well (understandably) but it lessened the buzzing. Not nearly enough to make the buzziest one tolerable next to my bed, but the quietest one now was acceptable. Next I will modify the back of the phone according to the linked thread and see if that helps.

    Oh, I moved the phone as far away as I could from my budget clock radio (perhaps 3') and did not notice any difference in the buzzing noise, so I guess there is no coupling happening there.
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    My new Pre2 makes this buzzing sound too. Driving me crazy!! Did anyone who posted here find any new fixes since last year? I don't know if I get a charge recycling issue at this point, since I haven't been able to leave it on the touchstone long enough to find out. It buzzes louder when I've turned the screen off, and much quieter if the phone is not 100% charged, but it's still there no matter what I do. I put a few pieces of paper between the phone and touchstone.. it quieted the buzzing a little bit, but not enough to have it next to my head at night.

    Also, the back when taken off the phone still makes the buzzing noise when attached to the touchstone.

    I have another touchstone in my car that I have to bring in later and test.. I hope that one doesn't make the noise. I can deal with the buzzing while driving, my car is loud enough that I won't even hear it.

    In case anyone is wondering, the touchstone base that I am using was from a verizon pre, not sure if it was marketed for pre+ or just pre, but it definitely wasn't marketed for pre 2. I doubt it makes a difference.

    I would buy a new back for this phone if I thought it would help, but I'm afraid that I won't be lucky enough to get one that doesn't make the buzzing sound.

    I bought the touchstone bases for use with my pixi plus -- no buzzing AT ALL with that phone. Not even a hint of it, ever. I really liked touchstone, it's really convenient.. but oh well.

    If anyone has figured out a fix that works reliably, please please post it here!
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