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    I just ordered a 2nd Touchstone dock and I have picked the location on my dashboard where I want to mount it. In order to avoid a complete mess of wires, I want to run the Mini-USB cable through my a/c vent down and out the bottom somewhere around the back of my stereo, but I've never done anything like that before and I don't see a clear path where I can run a cable. Has anyone run cables through their vents and, if so, how difficult was it and do you have any tips on how to accomplish it?
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    Your vents are closed systems and won't have open holes to under your dash (i.e. you can't just fish wires down the louvered openings in your dash). You'll want to do a web search to try to find out how you can partially disassemble your dash (like how to swap stereos) to see if you can expose space adjacent to your vents or along other joints between different plastic pieces, for routing your wire(s).

    good luck.
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    It is possible to do but as Nurgling said it is not a straight path from top to bottom. There are doors that need to open and close for the ac to work correctly. You will need to disassemble the dash partly and find a good spot close to the vent you go into and drill a hole to feed the micro usb through so the larger end and extra cable will be behind all of the dash trim plates. Don't forget that you will have to rtv the hole you fed the cable through to seal the vent back up. This will make a clean looking install. If you do it take some pics during so we can see how it went.

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