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    I was searching thru the forum's trying to find out about the holster that sprint sold on the first day the pre was launched but i found nothing then i read about it being recalled?
    I saw them for sale on ebay and sprint online still sells them. Is the premire holster that sprint sells any good?
    And does anyone know why it was Recalled?
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    I'd like to know more about this from people who actually have this case. You're talking about the holster with the black back and the clear plastic front cover right? A while ago I read here that they were recalled due to some sort of problem with the spring, if I remember right. I'd also like to find out if this case can be used with a front and back shield on the Pre. Can anybody out there help?!
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    I have one that I bought at launch. Used it until about a month ago when I got the innocase and holster combo. Worked fine for me so I don't know what all the fuss was about. As far as using with a skin I dont see any reason why you couldn't. It has a little room in it so I'm sure it would be fine. It doesn't work with the innocase unfortunately.
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    the clip was not locking, leaving the phone vulnerable to falling out. I got a credit when i returned it. I have no doubt that it was a good design, just the tabs for the 1st run may have been a half inch shorter then they wanted. It's very possible they have corrected it as the case was removed from for a short period of time.
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    I heard the same thing, still out of stock over at Sprint, know idea when they get it back in or a replacement!
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    What holster the? The one with the clear front? I have one of those I bought at launch and it doesn't close all the way
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjmedina26 View Post
    What holster the? The one with the clear front? I have one of those I bought at launch and it doesn't close all the way
    Yes, the vertical clamshell holster with the clear front. It was recalled for the reason you are experiencing. My wife's inadvertently opened and dropped her Pre on the driveway. We took both of ours back.

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