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    well i went to pair my pre today with my car stereo, its an eclipse cd3200. it pairs up fine, but the headunit only sees it as an audio source not a telephone. does anyone know how to fix this? is there a setting im missing? i tried turning off audio BT on the headunit but that didnt help at all.
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    I have the eclipse cd5030 and seem to have the same problem.. have you had any luck fixing this?
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    I am looking at getting this unit. Please keep me posted.
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    Update on the 5030. I got it to work by deleting the pair on the pre and the device on the eclipse. Then going into phone, phone menu and register teh device. Had unit look for Pre and once found it will pair as both. however you should repair it as a BT audio device.

    Hope that helps someone

    Now, has anyone gotten contacts to transfer over to this headunit?

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