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    Searching the forums I was trying to figure out what batteries I can buy that will work with my Touchstone. From what I have read it appears the 2600ma battery definitely wont' work but no post seems to say if the Seidio 1350ma battery will work with the TS. Does anyone know? Are there any other batteries other than the palm OEM that work with the TS?
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    I would assume any battery that fits under the special Palm touchstone back cover would work with the touchstone, since the touchstone receiver incorporated into that back cover makes contact with the phone's logic board and doesn't connect to the battery.....
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    seidio 1350 mah works fine.
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    Thanks all. That is what I needed. THe seidio is cheaper on ebay so I went with that.
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    My Amzer 1400 works fine with the touchstone.

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