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    Yeah, actually the site says right now that the availability is: in stock

    So does the battery actually help?
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    I emailed them and they emailed back saying there is a bug with their website and are working on the issue. It should be fixed within 2 weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruedawg View Post
    I emailed them and they emailed back saying there is a bug with their website and are working on the issue. It should be fixed within 2 weeks.
    What a crock. Let's see here, the website says the batteries are in stock, but they really won't be available until Sept 1st. There is a bug with the website which will take 2 weeks to fix. 2 weeks from now is Sept 2nd, so the bug is fixed just in time for the batteries to be in stock, so they won't even need to change anything on the site.

    It's obvious that they are trying to encourage sales by saying they have the batteries in stock. How difficult is it to change a website from "in stock" to "not in stock?" Does it really take 2 weeks? More like 2 minutes.
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    This is some great service. Order the thing on the 16th, get billed on the 18th, then on the 19th they tell you you're going to be waiting 2 more weeks.

    Also it takes two seconds to change the availability of an item on the site.

    I'm afraid to cancel the order and get screwed out of the $32 though. What are you guys doing? I have to pay off my card next week and I really don't want to have it paid for and then have to cancel anyway.
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    I am not cancelling my order. I haven't had an extended battery since launch date, so I think I can wait a couple more weeks. I used paypal, so if I don't receive it I could always file a claim with them. I think it will show up. They emailed me back rather fast when I sent them an email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rajun asian View Post
    I received my Amzer 1400 a couple of days ago. I'm in the process of charging, draining, charging, draining right now so I'm gonna give it a few more cycles before I pass judgement.
    Rajun, any updates on this? very much appreciated
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    did a quick search on mugen batteries, apparently a relatively reputable company...has been making batteries for a while mainly for notebooks, pda's (dell axim, etc)...user satisfaction with the other devices seemed to be 32 bucks, gonna give it a try.
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    Anyone have any new info on this?
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    I emailed Mugen today and they replied rather quickly and said my battery will ship out tomorrow. Just thought I would update you guys. Hopefully I will have it sooner than later.
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    I am also in the market for an extended battery w/o the extended back door, I have read this post but there is still no user review on how the battery performs. Has anyone had the opportunity to test this product out yet or has everyone just been waiting for it? I think I am going to purchase 2 of these once I get a positive review which optomistic to say I think it will perform just fine.
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    Well, they told me they would ship my order out on Sept 1, but as of the time of this posted -- the status page still shows "processing" not shipped. I'll send them another email and see what's up.
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    Yea, I'm going to jump straight on them tomorrow as well.
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    i've also been waiting for an extended battery since launch date, please guys give us your reviews asap i really would love to have an extended battery.
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    I'm sure some of you might also be expecting the next potential paiin point: If you were billed from a company in Hong Kong, the shipment might take longer to arrive than a similar shipment from a United States point of origin. (The only item I recall buying that was ever shipped from Hong Kong was a Lenovo laptop. That took sometime longer than a week, but less than two weeks, including a day or less of delay while clearing customs.) If you search on EBay items sold from Hong Kong locations, you'll also notice they often offer free shipping an an enticement to order. Sometimes if you look at the seller feedback, you can see comments about how long the shipping takes (but that's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack). I hope your shipments will be faster, but I'm guessing you should prepare for almost a two week wait before your batteries arrive at your house.
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    Didn't have to jump on them, I had my tracking number as soon as I woke up.

    And yea, I got a Hong Kong shipment. I really hope this battery doesn't suck lol

    I knew what I was getting into with the shipping, whatever. I've never had the phone die on me, so I'm not in a huge hurry. I just want that little boost so I don't have to micromanage my usage on long days.
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    Yeah I got a tracking number this morning too. I am guessing I will have it sometime next week. At least you can track this package. I have never received tracking numbers from the things I have bought off ebay coming from Hong Kong.
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    I am sure we are all getting the "your order was shipped email" this morning, and I fully expect us all to give our experiences with these batteries seeing how NO ONE else wants to give a review of this battery. Someone must have gotten it since they were sold out, but it's cool. I promise to give my two cents on it soon has I go through a full week with it.

    Anyways, they wrote me asking if I wanted a refunded, I told them yes cause I was on the fence since siedio said they were getting their backings fixed with the flash issue and a possible TS back as well on the 2600. Long story short, seidio still doesn't know what it is doing and they shipped my battery even after cancelling my order.

    Looking forward to reading everyone's review of this battery in a few weeks.
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    I will wait for updates on this mugen battery.
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    I'm going to take a chance and risk the $32. I ordered it on Sep 1st and immediately got an email with shipping information. So far so good. I just hope this isn't one of those exploding batteries I keep hearing about
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    I'm looking forward for someone to post a review on this.

    From reading on their website:
    1. It doesn't say if cells are made in Japan.
    2. If it has a built-in overcharging protection.
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