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    For me, they put it in the mail the next day. It takes a while to get it, though, since it is from Hong Kong, but hopefully I'll get it soon.

    Hey, now the USPS site is actually showing tracking info.! It didn't at first. It says it arrived at a local unit on Saturday, so hopefully I will get it tomorrow. You'd have thought I'd have gotten it today, sheesh!
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    mine has never registered higher than 1350.
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    I am in Hong Kong. I can't find any Mugen batteries anywhere.

    If only I can find the company can see if I can buy the battery directly from them.
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    i ordered mine finally.
    Now I got the stock one , the 2250 maH one and this 1400 one !!!!!
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    I will give you a call today. Thanks.
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    the only thing so far is when I leave the phone charging over night it reaches 100, and doesn't stay at 100 it always drop back down, is this normal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD78 View Post
    How long does it usually take them to ship the item? The site says the item ships in one day, but I ordered mine last week and still have not received an e-mail stating it has been shipped. I have tried contacting them by replying to my order e-mail and a form through their website, but have not heard anything back yet.
    Give it about 7 business days.
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    Decided to buy one of these to try out as well, hope it works out better for those longer days that I'm playing with my phone without a charger nearby!
    Go Blue!

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    Based on info on this thread, I decided to give the Mugen Power 1400 mAh Extended Battery a try. I hope it really does last longer!
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    I will call you tomorrow plz on your cell phone in mid night 12:00 am
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    I am just waiting until they get stock again. Last I called they were out of stock. New stock next week.
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    Lucky I placed my order yesterday.
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    I am looking forward to trying the Mugen 1400 mAh battery. Looks like the battery to have for the Pam Pre.
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    I ordered one and my tracking info says "The item is being processed for departure from Hong Kong as of 4-Nov-2009."

    It's said that for the past 3 days. How long does it take to process for departure? I don't know if that means it's not in stock yet or not.
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    Free international shipping is awesome - I just ordered the 1400 for a cool 20 euros precentral store would have run me almost 50 euros for the Seidio 1350 because of expensive shipping.

    My O2 Pre shipped with a Japanese battery that gives me a few hours less worth of juice when compared to my friends' Korean batteries (I was the only one to have bad luck). Battery life is the only beef I have with my Pre; this new battery will hopefully clear that out.

    I'm also pretty sure that Palm is going to improve battery life with future webOS updates. But 1.3 seems to be more about speed - which isn't so bad either

    <edit> Trekker: I ordered mine just now and it says it's going to ship in two days. I have no idea whether that's because of the stock situation or because of the weekend, but yeah...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MugenPower View Post
    Please don't discharge the new battery like this. Please charge it to full first and never discharge it to 0.
    How far should it be discharged before recharging?
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    - Jim J.

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    About how long does it take Mugen to ship from when you order (in business days)? Are the 1400 mAh batteries really out of stock? I didn't get that notification when I ordered the battery.
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    Good news guys.

    I just called them. They will have new stock arriving this Friday.
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    Ive been looking into a new battery now since I got my pre a week ago, as well as the price, the presence of a member of their company in these forums responding to concerns and sales enquiries has swung it for me and Ive just ordered one. Keep it up
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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorzeph View Post
    About how long does it take Mugen to ship from when you order (in business days)? Are the 1400 mAh batteries really out of stock? I didn't get that notification when I ordered the battery.
    I ordered mine on 10/31/09, at the time the website said they were in stock. On 11/03/09 I got an email saying "Your order was shipped today." Today, which is 8 days later (11/11/09) the tracking info finally says that "my item has left Hong Kong."

    It's supposed to ship airmail but I have a funny feeling they will send it via rowboat.

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