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    Yesterday I purchased a new body glove snap on case. This case was very difficult to put on as the front part did not snap onto the bottom of the slide screen. Besides that it looked great and did not add much bulk. I will be exchanging it today and trying another one...I believe the one I bought was defect.
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    Pictures please
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    I went back to the sprint store and they happily exchanged me case for a new one..FITS GREAT! A little problem closing all the way but it is thin and easier to grip...I recommend it and body glove has a lifetime soon to come
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    Quote Originally Posted by Just4v20 View Post
    I went back to the sprint store and they happily exchanged me case for a new one..FITS GREAT! A little problem closing all the way but it is thin and easier to grip...I recommend it and body glove has a lifetime soon to come
    No Pics = BAN!!! lol

    Is it plastic or is it a rubber material?
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    Hard case, mixture of materials, its difficult to explain
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    go to the body glove website and search mobile cases
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    It certainly looks like it would add some protection, but at the expense of added bulk. Still, add a front screen protector and you'd have a pretty rugged package.
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    there actually is not much added bulk to the phone, i would say less than an inch all around. I have an invisishield on my pre before i bought the case and tried to put the case on over it. The back piece went on fine but the tabs on the front bottom were very difficult to snap on and i ended up breaking them and had the exchange it at the sprint store( i had used the only two they had in stock lol)

    when i got the second on i kept the invisishield on the back but cut the one on the front so it only covered the exposed sections, case went on fine after that.

    case is very durable and i stronly reccommend it, but take your time putting it on! tab clips are fragile in the front
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    Looks Cool
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    and now the 10 million dollar question that i am shocked no one has asked yet.....

    will it work with...wait for it.....wait for it....the TouchStone?
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    Yes, I have this case. I definitely do not like it at all. It's very hard to put on and take off and it doesn't work with the touchstone. I definitely prefer the Innocase over this one.
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    My Body Glove case just arrived. It was very easy to put on. Looks great. Have not seen or played with the Innocase so cannot compare. Can easily access all exposed areas (volume, on/off, usb, etc). I am happy with my purchase. I don't own a Touchstone, so this works fine for me.
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    how sad, I really like the look of the body glove cases, too bad about the TS compatability.

    I think I am going to wait a bit longer for a case. I hate the clips that spread apart the phone. I think it will do more long term damage towards the oreoing than it will in helping it out. I really like the idea behind the amzr jelly case, but I want a rigid shell around the silicone, shouldn't be too hard right?
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    ma interwebs must be faulty cannot see pics... lol
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    Decent pics (4 pics) at the PreCentral store:

    If anyone still needs more pics, let me know what kind of pics and I can try to add them here.
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    Just received mine today and I love it. I have tried about 3 different covers and the tabs all snapped off and didnt give it a good look, IMO. Im liking this Bodyskin very much!
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    Is the case grippy or slick?
    I just put on a yellow/black Xskin and its kinda slick.
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    the inno case is thinner and imo looks better. can you put it on with a skin on your phone??
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    BG case is a good case. Not to bulky. Had it since day one. But then I got the TS and it didn't work with it, so I modded it with a 2 1/4 inch hole saw and drill to fit the TS...MISTAKE! Made a hole but the texture on the back is actual threading and just barely glued on. Made it frey and look hideous.So now I sport the Sprint branded case and it's ok but it's like a tank and it best of all, it works great with my TS.

    Just my 2 cents.
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