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    Hey guys,

    I just felt obliged to tell you all that Seidio's customer support has won my lifetime approval and I will definitely be dealing with Seidio for any and all future phone accessories.

    Some of you may know that I've had issues with my Innocase and Touchstone not working together. Well I sent Seidio an e-mail about this and they sent me a brand new one right away. The new one worked and I was more than happy to ship out the old one asap. I didn't have a return label, so I asked the guy where I should have the old one shipped to. He responded:

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve received the replacement and am happy with it. I’ve spoke to our warranty department and they’ve told me that there’s no need for you to return your original Innocase to us. You may hold on to this case as a “back up” case or dispose of it.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Seidio Customer Service

    I've never had a company do something like this for me in my life. This allows me to use the old case for experimental purposes, or just hold onto it in case something happens to the new one. I might just take the old one and see if I can mod it to make it work with the Touchstone as well.

    Thanks again Seidio
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    yea im also a seidio customer for life they have done similar things to make me a lifelong customer.
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    As many of you may know -- I was one of the first ones to post a review of the innocase (with pictures).

    About a month after I received my product, the top half of my innocase broke (one of the little tabs that secures the innocase to the phone broke off, rendering the whole top cover useless).

    I, too, emailed Seidio's warranty department, and they quickly sent me a replacement for the top half of the return was necessary, similar to the OP's experience.

    That is what I call good customer service.
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    Seidio has top notch customer service. Im no always so thrilled on the prices they charge but thats my problem not theres. They are top notch in customer service in my book.
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    Yes, Seidio is great. I preorder the inno II surface compatible with the touchstone and spring clip holster. Had it shipped 1st class and postman left at my door. Someone stole it. I called seidio and they shipped me a replacment via fedex right away. This one company that really takes care of their customers.
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    Companies that realize that legendary customer service is a must, are the ones that will pull ahead of all the othres in thiere market.
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    I had a great customer service from Seidio as well. I ordered two Innocases. There was an error in my address, (my fault, not theirs), and when they shipped my order it was considered undeliverable by the USPS and returned to Seidio. I contacted their CS and they shipped the package right back to me. They called me and let me know when it shipped the second time. Great service!!!
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    BTW... I ordered the red Innocase - It is a great color! I love the form and functionality of the case. My Pre feels much more solid. I might even start carrying it without the sleeping bag!
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    I too can't complain about Seidios customer service. They answer all questions in a timely manner, and I never had a problem with my HTC Touchs 2000 mAh battery! This really is one company that understands how important good customer service is and they go above and beyond to make their customers happy!
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    Only if sprint had customer service like this.
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    really?then just Cut the hole of the ext battery door bigger quikly .stop that long term investigation ,discusstion,pinpointint slowly.............and give us a new back door for 2600mah ext battery.
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    I too must give a shout out and big thanks for Seidio.

    Order a Innocase and two-pack of USGs a few weeks back.

    Case has been perfect thus far but the USG not so much. Without much experience I am to blame for the first application going poorly but the second one just wouldn't stick properly. I posted here about the experience with the case and screen guards and was contacted by Seidio.

    They promptly sent out a replacement two pack, which we have one installed and one more to go on my wife's. Very polite, very responsive - you don't find that in companies all that much these days.
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    I am reporting back about Seidio's excellent support as well. I have had problems with two different innocases (tabs breaking) and they have replaced them both without question. Now if only I wasn't worried about them breaking again (knock on wood).
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    I'll have to give these guys a shot.
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    I ordered my case over a week and ago and it just now shipped out. I didn't think it would take this long. Hopefully I get it on Monday. Does it make the phone feel more solid and help with the oreo effect? I sure hope so...
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    I got a reply from Seidio on here but I don't see it on her on precenteral. Seidio, how do I send you a private message with my order number??
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    Great case and nice service but their screen protector is not worth it. I replace the Seidio screen protector with one from ebay after a few weeks because the ebay one protected more of the screen.
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    I aswell will have to give Seidio a try.

    I always like to hear great things like this before I buy.
    If my post helped you, Please Thanks Me !
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    Sedio has great customer service. I have returned everything I have ever bought from them and received a full refund.

    Its a shame their products are such crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    Sedio has great customer service. I have returned everything I have ever bought from them and received a full refund.

    Its a shame their products are such crap.
    Hmmmm....I agree that Seidio's customer service is top notch. Going back to when I purchased the TomTom GPS package for my Palm T5. About 9 months later the bluetooth GPS stopped charging. I contacted them and within a week I had a replacement!!!

    As for their products being "crap", I've never returned a single thing to them. I've found their products to be outstanding. Presently using the Seidio screen protector and InnoCase. Love them both!
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