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    Concurred. 3 of the tabs on my Innocase(2 on the front, 1 on the back) broke, I told the Seidio rep about it here on these forums, and he took care of it for me. They sent me out a replacement free of charge, should be getting it on Tuesday.

    Excellent, excellent customer service.
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    Great company. They replaced my Innocase for free after one of the tabs broke off. Seidio has the best customer service and they're products are great. I'm a customer for life.
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    They have won me as a lifetime customer as well... I'd rather pay 3@ dollars for a case from them knowing if something happens to it they will fix the problem...
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    I wonder if I should try contacting them about the Centro Innocase that I purchased about 8 months ago.

    About 1.5 months after I got it the tabs started to break. Not just on the back or the face, but on both. I kept super gluing them (I really did not want to deal with filling out an RMA, sending it back, and waiting; but I guess that they ship the replacement out first).

    I eventually just gave up and went with a PDAir leather case.

    I drug out my old Innocase and tried using it again, but it was too broken. It feels way too nice. I just wish that the tabs were a little stronger, like on the Palm transparent hard case.
    Did you know:

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    My Pre is arriving today, and when I get my paycheck tomorrow I'll be ordering:

    Innocase Surface, Burgundy


    Ultimate Screen Guard

    I don't want my Pre to be damaged / scratched EVER! ^_^ I wanna keep it in good shape for as long as humanly possible.
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    One of the tabs broke off of my innocase as well. I contacted seidio and they sent out a replacement (which FedEx lost). I put in a lost package claim and they sent out another right away. Great customer service!
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    I have an extended battery that needed the new replacement door. I emailed Seidio here. I got a reply the next day and was told they would be sending them out this week. I have used Seidio batteries and have found them to be most excellent. I am a Manager in Retail, and can say with all honesty, I will always do business with Seidio, amazing customer service and a good product. I know that sometimes things don't work, it is the nature of electronic. I am confident if I ever do have a problem with a Seidio product I will be treated right.

    Keep up the good work Seidio, I hope the people on this board spend their hard earned cash at Seidio, not some lousy, we just want your money, place like we have all grown to hate.
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