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    I had a 650/700p/Centro before my Pre. And, while not always perfect, once I got them figured out, I was able to transfer my entire phonebook over to the Parrot system, and then assign voice dial tags to different names and types of phone numbers and it worked great in my car.

    Now, with my fancy new Pre, I paired the two and see the contacts AUTOMATICALLY SYNCING. I'm thinking, sweet, this is great. I set up a voice dial. It doesn't work. I try again. Nothing. I then realize the problem.

    In my old phones, I had to send over the whole phone book, so that the contacts were actually on the Parrot. The Parrot then managed the association of voice tag and contact. Now, the Parrot does not have all the Pre's contacts in memory permanantly, it just apparently sync's them everytime I get in the car.

    Is there any way to get back the capability I had before where I could voice dial from my Parrot? Does anyone else have a Parrot product and have this working? Thanks for any thoughts.

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    So does anyone do any voice dialing with their Pre????
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    Nope no pre voice dialing.
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    I have a Parrot MiniKit Slim and it does voice dialing wonderfully with the Pre. But unlike the OP I don't use voice tags. The MiniKit Slim automatically downloads the entire phonebook everytime the Pre connects to it. But the voice recognition is built-in and works great, so I don't need to add any voice tags. I just tell it who I want to call and it can handle up to 2000 contacts.
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    i have a parrot 3200 and i don't even see it download the contact... it's really annoying
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    Wow, people are still using Parrot kits? I interned with them like 4 years ago when they only had 2 people (including me) in their Manhattan office. They have some good products. I have the CK3300 (with GPS) in my old car, but haven't tried to use it with the Pre.

    Have you tried doing the voice recording on the car kit? It'll send the number to the Pre and you can do voice dialing working that way because as of right now, the Pre won't do it.
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    Actually, I love my Parrot. It's GREAT.

    The Pre's bluetooth...well...ah...not so much.

    Thanks for the ideas, may need to try the minislim.
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    I don't often drive my vehicle that I have the Parrot CK3100 kit installed in. But, I was curious and just went down to it and paired it with the Pre. It spent a couple minutes, I guess syncing its phone book with the Pre. After that, I used the Parrot as I normally would. I press the green button at the left of the knob on the Parrot's control head. I hear a short beep. I said "Tellme". The Parrot echoed "Tellme". The number was dialed and I was then conversing with the Tellme system.

    So, I guess I don't understand what all the fuss about voice dialing with the Pre is all about when you are in your vehicle. I DO understand that the Pre doesn't have that feature built-in to the phone - so out of the car you will have to use your fingers to dial. Voice dialing from a vehicle seem pretty "old hat" to me by now. I guess I thought every vehicular phone system had all the features I have become accustomed to, including tagging phone book entries with some voice phrase that you wish to use to call that entry.

    In my Toyota Camry Hybrid, I can even use it's voice command system to "Dial by Number" when there isn't even an entry in my phone. Again, that system also works well with the Pre.

    I cannot distinguish any difference between using the Pre in my vehicles from they way I used the Sprint Mogul (PPC6800).

    By the way, I have not upgraded the firmware in the CK3100 for some time, so there is a chance that I am using one that is quite old. It is version 4.16 C. I see the current version is 4.19. Perhaps that may be why I am having better luck with the Pre and the Parrot.

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