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    Hi everyone,

    I found a seller on ebay with Seidio Innocases for $23.96 and right now you can get an extra 12% off by going through search engine and using the "buy it now". I used this the other day and got 10% off. I checked this morning and it was raised to 12%.

    The way it works is:

    -go to Bing
    -in the search box, type in "seidio". The results should post an ebay link up top that says "12% cash back".
    -click on the ebay link and it will take you to all the seidio products for sale.

    As long as it displays the little "cashback" symbol, the item is eligible for the discount. The catch is that you have to go through and you must use the "buy it now" and pay through paypal.

    Here is the link to the auction so you know what to look for and they have all colors for sale. I can't wait to get mine!

    Seidio Innocase Case Palm Pre - eBay (item 230362515828 end time Aug-29-09 14:25:09 PDT)

    seidio palm pre, great deals on Cell Phones PDAs, New on eBay!
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    This is "seidio". I posted a thread a while back pointing these and other items out. It really ticks me off too because of the whole amazon thing now this. Side note, the seidio items are listed again on amazon, wtf!

    Message to Seidio, don't compete with yourself. Not good for your customers, just offer better prices from your website.
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    Just got my Seidio case today along with another case I had ordered on ebay. There is definitely a huge difference between the two. The Seidio case is much thinner and is a great fit around the Pre. The other case is more like a hard shell and adds more bulk to the phone. It was a little tricky getting the top piece of the Seidio case on, but once it was on, it fit pretty snug.

    Next, I put it on my Touch Stone. I didn't bother trying the other case on because it was clearly too thick to catch the magnet. At first, my phone would not keep a constant connection to the TS, but after finding the "sweet spot" and holding it down for a few seconds while it connected, it began charging just fine. Overall first impression of the Seidio Innocase is good!

    Oh, I should also add that shipping was pretty quick. I ordered this on Monday and it shipped from Texas to Orange County, CA.

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