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    wow. for once I followed an internet buying tip. got it for the 45.99 (puck + back) at just the right time a few days back, all thanks to the PreCentral community...

    Thanks so much! that is some crazy price fluctuations... demand must be picking up.

    I already have one... and now really see the value of having another for the workplace. I hate carting the TS about, back and forth.

    If you don't have a TS yet at all, I would recommend getting the double set, so that with the stuff shipping alongside the phone you then have two complete Puck + Cable + Wall Plugs setups (and a single Pre-Back Cover).

    Its unfortunate that it costs so much relative to the purported $5 production cost, but it does charge fast and make on-off not just easy, but ridiculously easy.
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    There is no spoon
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    They dropped it again... but to $53.88 shipped.... not bad considering the usual price and its just $8.00 more then the previous sale.
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