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    Audio port access holster owners:

    When you have your Pre in your holster, does the slider shift a little up? I am talking a little (about a millimeter) but I feel over time it would wear on the slider mechanism. I have since started placing my Pre in upside-down, whereas the audio jack is on the opposite end of the clip. I still have access to the jack for my headphones but now the the slider is being forced closed so no shift at all.

    Anyone else notice the shift in the slider while it is holstered?
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    Anyone? Bueller...

    Can someone respond back just to let me know if your Pre is shifting. Yes/No?

    Its all I need to know if I got a defective holster or thats the way it is...
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    i had that problem but i fixed it.

    To fix it i took wire cutters and removed the top half of the nub that sticks out on the top.

    Once that is gone it is easy to get phone in and out and when going in you push down on the spring clip till its full closed and in its spot.
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    I thought that might be the problem... Thanks for confirming. I can't wait to get home and hack that off!
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    thats a scary solution for a <1mm gap
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    I have the innocase holster and haven't noticed any shift.

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