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    I am very experienced using BT with phones when it comes to headphones. Have no problem pairing or using them. Someone gave me a BT dongle for my laptop (which I rarely use) but I figured I would explore tethering since on weekends I'm in a place with no wireless or broadband and sometimes want to use my laptop. I have paired the phone with the laptop without (well, except for having to download new drivers) much problem. So now....what? What can one do with a Pre tethered to a laptop? And how do you do it? I haven't installed the tethering program yet, although I will, but other than that, what can I do now that I couldn't before?
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    You would be able to use the your laptop internet browser w/o having to connect via landline or connect via wifi. So if you're somewhere (cafe, restaurant, car, etc) that doesn't have an internet/wifi connection but your phone has a signal, you can use your phone as the modem for your laptop.
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    Let me rephrase as I did a poor job on the original post. I know what tethering is; done it for years with a 700P and PDANet. I'm wondering what else I can do with a laptop connected to the phone via BT

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