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    I have the Pre and Blue Ant. The question I have is, I cannot use the command speed dial # from the Blue Ant even though I have several numbers assigned. After looking at the setup I noticed that in the contacts after I assigned somene to a # it shows it actually assigned to the letter corresponding to the number on the keyboard and is this the reason the blue ant cannot speed dial? I tell it to dial speed dial #3 but nothing happens because it is actually is assigned to speed dial "T".

    That is what shows up when I go back to the contact.
    I do not beleive it is a problem with the blue ant.

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    I don't know what blue ant is, but I've had that isse with speed dialing a contact.

    I found that attempting to speed dial from the keyboard only works for those contacts assigned a letter. To speed dial contacts assigned a number it woks by starting the phone dialer app then holding down the number on the dialer.

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    I apologize, the blue ant is a bluetooth head set and one that they sell at sprint stores. My understanding it is their flagship bluetooth headset.

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