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    Like most (I suspect), I have a boatload of different chargers/cables/whatnot for different devices.

    I was testing some of them out on my Pre and found that the charger for my bluetooth headset works - or at least seems to work.

    What are your thoughts/experience on using those other chargers? Think it's too great a risk to the device?

    I'm thinking (just a guess) that worst case, using another charging device would just screw the battery. Am I wrong on this assumption?
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    I use my iGo with the micro usb tip and it works great. Using other chargers shouldnt damage anything unless they are non-standard (higher voltage, different pinouts...)
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    Hey cool, a topic that doesn't already have 472 threads going.
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    You just need something that's microUSB and puts out 5V and hopefully 1 amp. To run the Touchstone it has to comply with the USB Charging spec which means USB pins 2 and 3 have to be bridged. Some chargers are this way and some aren't, but all will charge the phone if they satisfy the voltage and amperage requirements.

    There are a few threads here about what does and doesnt work so you can do a search and save some time

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