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    Has anyone bought the touchstone and back cover from the pre central accessory store? Whenever I check it is never available now. I would hate to order it and not be able to receive it. Right now the availability is 8/11.
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    The longer you wait to order it, the longer it will be until you have it. It's a first come, first serve situation. I ordered mine in mid-June and received it in early July. The date moved back a couple of times during that time because inventory was delayed from Palm.
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    It must have just gone out of inventory then. I had one ordered last week and each time I looked it was never out of stock. They were out of the kit, but had a TS and cover bundle discounted so maybe they finally ran out.
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    I ordered one last Thursday and the UPS tracking confirms that I'll get it tomorrow! Whoo-hoo!
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    I got mine in about a 5 days from when I ordered it

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