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    well at least it isn't just me. you think it is the touchstone? what have you tried to fix it?
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    Hi Flyboy --
    I had similar issues and replaced my TS on Friday and so far it is working fine. One thing that helped was taking everything (cable, plug, TS, phone) to the Sprint store so they could troubleshoot as a system. Sprint has been very helpful and I am sure would help you out even if you did not get the TS through them.
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    Had the same problem with Touchstone charge dropping off after a couple minutes. Very intermittent. Solved by bending up the two battery contacts just below the battery to get better contact with the back cover. Also check the two contact plates inside the back cover for wear. Once I did this, I've never had a Touchstone problem again. Good luck -- let me know if this works for you.
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    I have already tried to bend the pins w/ no luck
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    I am going to try to reset everything on the phone, then bring it to sprint tomorrow
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    Did I miss a note about this thing only working when plugged into a wall/car adapter? Is it not supposed to work when plugged into a computer USB drive and I missed those instructions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfire View Post
    Did I miss a note about this thing only working when plugged into a wall/car adapter? Is it not supposed to work when plugged into a computer USB drive and I missed those instructions?
    Try page 38 of the Pre user manual:
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    Thank goodness I found this Pre stopped charging two days ago on my 2-month old TS. I restarted it (its been awhile since I had to) and all is kosher again!

    Sorry for those who are still having issues. Hopefully, I wont have anymore issues.
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    well i doctor'd the phone tonight and it still won't charge on the touchstone below 70% so tomorrow i am going to the sprint store i guess.
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    Did you say that you tried more than one back cover? Could be the cover. If you did try that, I'd say it is the battery.

    The battery is a smart battery, and has all sorts of cutoffs if it isn't happy with what it is seeing (voltage wise). That 70% threshold is pretty telling.

    I too have had "Touchstone Sensitivity Issues". Can we call it TSI for short? :-)

    Do most people find it pretty easy to hit the "sweet spot"?
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    Well, I got a new wall adapter and another touchstone today. Plopped it on the charger at 54% and charged it up to 76% and took it off. Gonna drain it down to 20 or so and put it back on. Looks like I had 2 defective chargers. Called sprint and they issued me a 120.00 credit, score!
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    I have the palm car charger and it still doesn't work in my car, but on the wall plug I have no problems

    So I am part way there I guess

    edit: spoke too soon. stuck around 34% doing the on off dance so tomorrow i think i am going to best buy and see if i can get a new phone. i can't figure out what the deal is. but i just pulled it off the charger and it is HOT
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    My touchstone + seido worked fine at home where I have > 120 line voltage, but doesn't work at work where I have < 120 line voltage. Looks like the touchstone is very very sensitive to the input voltage to work. I'll just swap my official pre charger with my seido between home and work and see how that goes tomorrow.
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    Same here, Mine started in on wednesday night after two months of trouble free(and yes I have had a seidio Innocase on since day one). Anyways mine started after I had the back battery cover off and was doing a little spring cleaning LOL, and I also put a little pressure on the slider tabs. Mine would start at about 2 am and after. Had sprint replace the TS base and back with no luck. Then I called palm corporate and they are sending me out a new battery, they were going to send me a new phone but I declined for now.

    I took the cover off and bent the two little pins back out and it has been charging since 5:00 today without any problem(say a prayer for me).

    bending up the two little contacts that attach to the battery door seemed to help went all last night with no problems.
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